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🎃 Add a Touch of Humor to Your Haunting Decor with our Customizable Tombstone! 🪦💀

Elevate your Halloween ambiance with our witty Tombstone decor. Whether you choose one of our pre-written options, or craft your own eerie epitaph, it's the perfect conversation starter for your desk, home, or spooky gatherings. 🧟‍♂️👻


This tombstone is a must-have for those who appreciate a dash of dark humor. Embrace the spirit of the season and let your decor do the talking. Customize your message and let the laughter (or shivers) begin! 🖤🌕


#WittyHalloweenDecor #Gravestone #Tombstone #DarkHumor #SpookyAmbiance #Halloween #EmbraceTheEerie


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Depth: 2"
    Width: 4-1/4"
    Height: 5"

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