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Wise Skull Wall Decor

Embrace the mystique of the macabre with our captivating Wise Skull Trio, a perfect blend of eerie elegance and wisdom. This set features three unique skulls, each embodying one of the timeless principles: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, and See No Evil.


Hear No Evil Skull: This skull, with bony fingers gently plugging its ears, reminds us to listen closely and choose our words wisely. It's a testament to the power of silence in a world full of noise.


Speak No Evil Skull: This skull, bound by skeletal hands, encourages us to ponder before we speak. It serves as a reminder that our words have a profound impact, and sometimes, silence speaks volumes.


See No Evil Skull: This skull, shrouded in darkness with empty sockets, represents the wisdom of turning a blind eye to negativity. It encourages us to focus on the beauty and positivity that surrounds us.


💀 Each skull is elegantly framed and ready to adorn your walls. Hang them together as a trio or showcase them individually; the choice is yours. These unique pieces serve as a captivating conversation starter and a daily reminder of life's essential principles.


🖤 Our Wise Skull Trio combines the mystique of the unknown with the timeless wisdom of ages past. It's a striking addition to any decor and a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate the artistry of the eerie.


Unlock the secrets of our Wise Skull Trio today! 💀💀💀


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* Please note there is a 3-day lead time before shipping

Wise Skull Wall Decor

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Width: 5 - 3/4"
    Depth: 2 - 1/4"
    Height: 8 - 1/4"

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