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Front view of Ruby Drago Moo

Ruby Dragon Moo (Drago-Moo) is part of the Collectimoo™ series and can be used as: decorations in vehicles, home decor, game pieces, jewelry and the like, keychains, keyrings, promotional trinkets, as (cow) figurines, for Moo Moo Subaru mooing, for Random Acts of Kindness, and so much more!


©2024 ShayKay™ Studio / Collectimoo™

Ruby Drago-Moo

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Brand: Collectimoo™
    • Designer: ShayKay Studio
    • Size: 34.09 x 26.50 x 40mm  (1.58”)
    • Material: PLA (a biodegradable plastic)
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