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Micro Cow 12-Pack

The perfect wiggly, pocket-sized cow friend!


Dimensions (approximation & to the nearest 1/4-inch):

Micro Cow (LxWxH):         1.5 x 1.0 x 0.5

Micro Cow 12-Pack

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Brand: Other
    • Designer: Other
    • Size: 23.96 x 38.10 x 14.29mm
    • Material: PLA
  • For those looking to gift these adorable cows in the name of moevements, we've designed and offer three card options that can be included with our cows to support both the Moo Moo Subaru (MMS) movement:

    • MMS QR-Free Card(s)
    • MMS FB QR Card(s)


    as well as the Random Acts of Kindness movement:

    • Random Act of Kindness Card(s)


    When a pack is upgraded to a kit, you'll receive a professionally printed, single-sided card as well as a 3x5" plastic bag for each cow.

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