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Green Onion Planter

Easily regrow store bought scallions (green onions) with minimal effort! All you'll need is a wide-mouth mason jar and some store bought scallions that have been cut 1-2” above their roots. Using this kit (1 lid, 5 net pots, and 1 tower support), you will have a continued supply of scallions! 


For continued growth, add water to the jar and either cover to prevent algae growth, or replace the water every few days.

As a testament, for over five months now, I’ve been regrowing the same scallions and using them every few days to garnish dishes.

*The same green onions have been used in all photos (at different weeks)

Green Onion Planter

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The pieces are made with PLA which means they should be hand-washed & air-dried. They are not dishwasher safe.

    To re-grow green onions:

    • Cut 1.5"-2" from the bottom
    • Drop white stem in a net-pot or thread through the bottom (gently pushing up to get a snug fit)
    • Add enough water to touch the roots, without submerging all of them
    • Plants need what are called air roots to breath
    • Enjoy as they quickly grow, cutting & coming again as often as you'd like!
    • Fertilization: for best results, it's recommended to add a liquid houseplant food if growing for extended periods.
    • Watering: you can add water as needed to keep parts of the roots submerged. Once a week or once every other, it's best to replace the water.
    • Light: While the green onions love light, the water doesn't. It should be blocked to avoid algae growth.
    • (1) lid that fits any wide-mouth mason jar
    • (5) net pots that fit into lid
    • (1) Tower support
    • (1) Tower ring 
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