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Fire & Logs

Embrace the Cozy Wilderness with Our Camp Fire for Build-A-Scene!


Bring the warmth and charm of a campfire to your Build-A-Scene or fairy garden with our delightful Camp Fire addition. Crafted with meticulous detail, this versatile piece adds a touch of woodsy ambiance to any miniature setting.


Whether you're crafting a woodland scene, creating a camping diorama, or enhancing your fairy garden, our Camp Fire will be the perfect focal point. Embrace the outdoorsy vibe and infuse your miniature world with the magic of a crackling fire.


The flames have been printed in a special iridescent color so that you can rotate it to get that perfect combination of red and orange to suit your desires.


Let your imagination roam as you enjoy the serenity and coziness that our Camp Fire brings. Add that inviting touch of wilderness to your scenes and watch your miniature world come to life.


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Fire & Logs

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Circumference: 1-1/2"
    Height: 1-1/3"

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