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Build-A-Scene Bundle

Enhance your miniature world with our Build-A-Scene Bundles, offering a range of options to suit your unique vision. Whether you prefer the serene allure of the beach, the charming beauty of a garden's edge, or a simple yet stylish setup, we have the perfect bundle for you.


Each Build-A-Scene Bundle is carefully curated, featuring high-quality elements that effortlessly combine to create captivating landscapes. Let your imagination soar as you mix and match these components to craft your ideal scene.

Build-A-Scene Bundle

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 🏖️ Immerse yourself in the coastal vibe with (1) turquise base, (1) tan rail fence, (2) white rocks, (1) playful beach ball, (1) plant bundle, and sand for the substrate.

    For an added touch, you can purchase a palm tree to enhance your scene!

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