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Value Moos (12pk)

These Moos are part of the Collectimoo™ series and can be used as: decorations in vehicles, home decor, game pieces, jewelry and the like, keychains, keyrings, promotional trinkets, as (cow) figurines, for Moo Moo Subaru mooing, for Random Acts of Kindness, and so much more!


Size (LxWxH): 1 3/8" x 1" x 1 5/8"


©2024 ShayKay™ Studio / Collectimoo™

Value Moos (12pk)

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Most models have a keychain compatible loop on the back so they can be made into a keychain. 
      • Select NO to have the cow shipped as a figurine, and you can add your own keychain hardware later on if you wish.
      • Select YES if you want your cow(s) shipped as pre-made keychains.
    • MMS QR-Free Card(s) & Bags
    • MMS FB QR Card(s) & Bags
    • Random Act of Kindness Card(s) & Bags

    *MMS: Moo Moo Subaru; Bags: 3x5 clear plastic zip-lock bags

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