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10"x9" Cookie Sheet

Custom cookie cutters, made with food safe PLA! These were originally designed at the request of a local bakery who specializes in dog treats. The owner was trying to scale their output but was limited by using individual cutters and was unable to find the right sizes. Additionally, she was having to hand rotate the cutting to best use her sheet of dough and minimize scrap.


What you see now is the result of our collaberation. These custom cookie sheets were designed for durability and ease of use. They are also being used to make hundreds of dog biscuts each week!


Designed to easily cut through all types of dough but have not been tested to see if they would cut through tougher addatives such as raisins, bacon, etc.


To remove any extra dough (such as between the circles), just give them a tap on your counter and watch the bits fall out!

10"x9" Cookie Sheet

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Each cookie sheet is roughly 10-inches by 9-inches by 1/2- to 5/8-inch tall. Each shape is roughly:

    • Heart (16 per sheet): 2 1/2" wide by 2 1/4" high
    • Circle (30 per sheet): 1 7/16" diameter
    • Bunny (8 per sheet): 1 7/8" by 4" high
  • Hand wash only (highly likely to melt in a dishwasher as anything above 120-F can melt/warp it)

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