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Moo Moo Subaru
A global moo-vement

Our Collectimoo family is a great option for Subaru owners looking to "moo" fellow Subies. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I encourage you to keep reading!!

What Is It?

It's a global movement that was started in June of 2023, by two friends. The premise is for Subaru owners to "moo" each other in an effort to build community.

Put another way, it's a form of "Random Acts of Kindness" with the goal being for the giver and recipient to have a little fun and spread cheer!


Why Cows?

  1. The original Subaru logo has roots in the Taurus (bull) constellation.

  2. Moo rhymes with Subaru

  3. Who doesn't enjoy cow puns?

What is "Mooing"?

Mooing is where one Subaru owner leaves a cow-themed item on the windshield or tucked in the door handle of a fellow Subaru owner's vehicle.

Keeping in mind, the recipient may not have heard of it, so it's best to have some kind of card or note tying explaining why they're receiving a cow!


What to "Moo" With?

That is entirely up to you! It can be something you make or buy and ranges from stickers, rubber keychains, to cow figurines.

As per the explanatory card, you can either make your own or use a pre-made card.

Free Downloadable Cards

In an effort to support the movement, we wanted to offer various free downloadable options! These are a great option for those building their own kits or just starting out. Our only requirement is that it's not altered, used to promote other businesses, or sold.

To receive any of the free, one page PDF cards, please click the button below, select which card(s) you'd like, add it/them to your cart (for FREE, no credit card required), and follow the prompts.


You'll then receive an email containing the download link! Happy mooing!

Community Giveback Program

Another way that ShayKay Studio tries to support the movement is by offering our Community Giveback Program. Through this program we mail 240 free cows throughout the US every month to help more people participate in the movement and spread more cheer!

Program Details:

  • Frequency: every two (2) weeks, 10 random winners are selected.

  • Prize: a 12-pack kit which includes 12 random-colored Positivity Moos, explanatory cards, and 3x5 bags.

  • Shipping: winners are asked to contribute to the cost of shipping ($5).

  • Eligibility: offer valid per person/household, per quarter (3-month span).

How to Participate?

  1. Be part of the Collectimoo™ Facebook group.

  2. Sign-up using the posted link, a Microsoft form (posted 1-week before each drawing).​

  3. Winners receive the code via email and are tagged in a Facebook post on Monday & have 24-hours to claim their prize.​

Thank you and I hope everyone has fun mooing and spreading smiles!​


Copyright 2024 - All Rights Reserved. Collectimoo is a trademark of ShayKay Studio. Furthermore, the base shape used for the Collectimoo line and all subsequent designs are the creation and intellectual property of ShayKay Studio and are not to be copied or have their likeness replicated.

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