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Custom Moos

While we strive to offer a vast choice of Moos, there are a many reasons someone might want custom! A few might be for party favors, grab bags, promotional events, or to represent something special!

Top Three Reasons for Custom Moos

What to Know

There are a few common questions that I would like to take a moment to answer ahead of time!

Minimum Quantity
  • Custom Moos have a minimum order quantity of thirty-six (36) for standard and twenty-four (24) for premium. That minimum applies to each design and color combo. Furthermore, even if the design is the same, requesting inverse colors would count as two separate requests due to how multi-color printing works.

Content Limitations ​* 
  • Just as I do not want my designs copied without my written permission, I cannot copy other Trademarked (text) or Copyrighted (design) material. This includes but is not limited to sports teamsuniversities, and pre-defined characters.

Bulk Pricing
  • While we do not charge a design fee for custom Moos, they do have a higher threshold to qualify for bulk pricing​​

Lead Time

Lead time depends on quantity, number of designs, and current demand though you can expect anywhere from 3 to 12 days from when the proof is approved. A more precise timeframe will be given during the quoting process.

Request a Free Quote

Below is a general outline of the steps:

  1. Request will be reviewed and follow-up questions may be asked.

  2. A proof will be sent along with color options for approval or tweaks.

  3. If accepted, a price quote will be sent for review; please remember, you are still under no obligation and can withdraw.

  4. If both the proof and quote are accepted, an invoice will be sent via email; either 50% down is required or some pay in full.​

  5. A final product photo will be sent, at which point final payment is due (if only 50% was put down).

  6. The moos are packed and shipped!

Thanks for submitting!

Don't Want to Commit?

We also offer the option to submit an idea for a Moo to be added to the standard line-up in the event that your idea might have universal appeal!

Would you like to be notified if released?

Thanks for submitting!

Copyright 2024 - All Rights Reserved. Collectimoo is a trademark of ShayKay Studio. Furthermore, the base shape used for the Collectimoo line and all subsequent designs are the creation and intellectual property of ShayKay Studio and are not to be copied or have their likeness replicated.

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