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Collectimoo™ is our collection of one-of-a-kind Moos, all designed and printed by us in the hopes of sparking joy!

What is Collectimoo™?

Collectimoo is a growing series of collectible Moos (cows), designed and sold by us, ShayKay Studio! There are currently more than forty (40) different models and more than one-hundred (100) options.

What Is Their Purpose?

In a time with so much negativity being spread on the internet and in person, my hope is that my designs help spark joy and lift people's spirits (a tall order, I know). I mean, unless you're lactose intolerant though, how could you resist smiling at Minty Moo? And if he's not cute enough to melt your heart, I'm always adding new options!

What are Their Product Options?

Each Moo has the option to be bought individually or in packs. If bought in packs, there is an add-on option between two Moo Moo Subaru cards or an Act of Kindness card. All card options include bags!

Did Someone Say Keychains & Wearables?

Yes! The entire Collectimoo™  family can be made into keychains (as a product option or later on)! Which means they can watch over your space OR attach to your bag to travel with you wherever you go.


You can also view our line of Micro Moos for even more options such as earrings, pendants, or charms!


You can follow us for sneak peeks and a look behind the curtain!

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Possible Uses

For Yourself

Use as a desk buddy, keychain, or anywhere you'd like a pick-me-up!

As a Gift

For teachers, classmates, friends, coworkers, or strangers!

A Give-Away

Order custom moos to have a particular color or logo to advertise your cause or company!

Copyright 2024 - All Rights Reserved. Collectimoo is a trademark of ShayKay Studio. Furthermore, the base shape used for the Collectimoo line and all subsequent designs are the creation and intellectual property of ShayKay Studio and are not to be copied or have their likeness replicated.

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