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About Me

Hello and welcome! If I might dive right in, and because you should hear it from me first, I am a perfectionist. There, I said it.


What do I mean? Let's discuss woodworking for a moment. There were various items over the years that I wanted so they might accomplish specific goals...

  1. Custom fit bathroom shelves with movable shelves

  2. A wood picture frame with recessed hardware

  3. A sturdy bed platform with storage

  4. Sofa tables

  5. A garbage hide-away

  6. And other projects

Yet despite my best efforts (and hours spent on Google), I couldn't find what I'd wanted. So I learned about joinery methods and power tools and ultimately built what I wanted.

But what does any of that have to do with ShayKay Studio and 3D printing? Well, that same passion and drive for perfection is what fueled me to start my own company. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I have over 15-years of customer experience under my belt. Gained over the years from working in restaurants, retail stores, as well as having held account manager positions, working with multi-million dollar accounts.

All of it led me to believe some of the solutions I was creating for myself might also be useful for other people! Especially since they were created with the understanding I couldn't find it anywhere else, or at least not to my durability requirements.

Though in closing, I should also disclose that this doesn't mean I don't sometimes stick my foot (sometimes both) in my mouth before realizing my blunder. But as a frequent online customer and business owner, I will always do my best to create the best shopping experience for my customers!

The Team.

The team is made up of myself, my husband, and Kye (my wonderful mascot).

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